Strona: BSc studies / Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej

BSc studies

Courses in English BSc

  • Electrical Engineering |BSc|3,5 years|Full-time|English 

Electrical engineering technology is the field that implements and applies principles of electrical engineering. By completing the first-cycle studies in electrical engineering you will be an engineer, educated in the general field of technical knowledge, with skills and habits that will help you develop further your qualifications.

  •  Civil Engineering |BSc|3,5 years|Full-time|English

The graduates in civil engineering obtain the professional competencies in the domains of design and construction of a building and engineering structures, construction technology and organization, participation in research works, management in the construction sector, and computer methods in civil engineering.

  •  Mathematics  |BSc|3 years|Full-time|English

The graduates will have the following skills: to perform complex calculations; to formulate problems mathematically and in a symbolic form that facilitates their analysis and solution; to use and develop the mathematical models necessary in applications of mathematics; to use IT tools to solve theoretically and applied mathematical problems.

  •  Mechatronics |BSc|3,5 years|Full-time|English

Graduates have a thorough knowledge, skills, and competences in the field of analysis, design, construction of automation systems, control systems, software for industrial and service mechatronics systems as well as designing decision support systems.

  •  Biotechnology |BSc|3,5 years|Full-time|English

Graduate students are prepared to apply standard biotechnological techniques enabling selection and directed modification of microorganisms and higher organisms’ cells. They can also design and implement processes of biotransformation and biosynthesis.

  •  Chemical and Process Engineering |BSc| 3,5 years| Full-time| English

Graduate students achieve marketable, interdisciplinary technical education in the broad sense of process engineering, very useful for engineers, technologists, and designers in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, polymer processing, and food industry as well as for biotechnology, energetics and environmental protection.

  • Management |BSc|3 years|Full-time|English

The graduate is prepared to develop the strategy of companies and institutions, to manage finances, to design a marketing strategy, to manage personnel, to do marketing research, to use sales techniques, to apply the latest information technologies in management practice, to run effective trade negotiations, to make an analysis and an evaluation of business performance, and to manage a small and medium enterprise

The requirements for foreigners intending to apply for BSc studies

 Candidates undertaking the studies:

go through the recruitment proceedings,
are obliged to register in the online university system (SIR) and submit the required documents within the deadline.
The Inter-faculty Recruitment Committee will determine the rules for converting grades from the subjects taken into account while the recruitment. A candidate is accepted only after fulfilling all the criteria.

The documents to be provided:

1. The personal data form (PODANIE SIR) printed from the Internet Recruitment System and signed by the candidate.

2. An original secondary school certificate with an apostille or authenticated by a notary, together with its translation confirmed by a sworn translator or the consul of the Republic of Poland in the country where it was issued or any other document received abroad entitled to apply for studies.

In the case of a secondary school certificate which according to the law in effect is subjected to acknowledgment – a written decision of a superintendent of schools relevant to the place of a candidate’s dwelling. If it is out of the territory of the Republic of Poland – a superintendent of schools relevant to the main office of the university which the candidate applies to (regulated by the Ministry of National Education’s decree as of 25th March 2015 about recognition of certificates issued abroad).
Confirmation of foreign education or qualifications for further education:  Kuratorium Oświaty:

3. A photo uploaded in PODANIE SIR.

4. A passport (for review).

5. A visa, residence card or any other document allowing for a stay in Poland.,

6. A medical certificate.

7. An insurance policy covering accident insurance and reimbursement of medical expenses.

8. [ Studies in Polish]  A document confirming Polish language knowledge level B2 (a certificate of completing a one-year preparatory course). 

   [ Studies in English]  A document confirming English language knowledge level B2. 

9. A declaration of an exemption from fees for education (if applicable).

10. A declaration of the validity of the provided data.

Candidates submit the documents in person to the Inter-faculty Recruitment Committee within the deadline determined in the recruitment schedule.


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