Strona: MSc studies / Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej

MSc studies

MSc Courses in English:

Clean Energy |MSc| 1,5 years| Full-time|English

Field of study that prepares specialists with design qualifications. He teaches the design of systems for the use of renewable energy and modern solutions in the field of waste management, including the use of waste materials.

Senate RUT resolution 59/2022 see here:


The requirements for foreigners intending to apply for MSc studies

 Candidates undertaking the studies:

  • go through the recruitment proceedings applicable to the respective field of study,
  • are obliged to register in the online university system (SIR) and submit the required documents within the deadline.

The Inter-faculty Recruitment Committee will determine the final number of points taken into account while the recruitment. A candidate is accepted only after fulfilling all the criteria.

 The documents to be provided:

1. The personal data form (PODANIE SIR) printed from the Internet Recruitment System and signed by the candidate. 

2. An original BSc diploma with an apostille or authenticated by a notary, together with its translation confirmed by a sworn translator or the consul of the Republic of Poland in the country where it was issued or any other document received abroad entitling to apply to for MSc studies.

In the case of a diploma which according to the law in effect is subjected to nostrification – a written decision of the respective body. The nostrification process is regulated by the decree of the Minister of Science and Higher Education as of 19th August 2015.

3. A photo uploaded in PODANIE SIR.

4. A passport (for review).

5. A visa, residence card, or any other document allowing for a stay in Poland.

6. A medical certificate.

7. An insurance policy covering accident insurance and reimbursement of medical expenses.

8. [ Studies in Polish]  A document confirming Polish language knowledge level B2 (a certificate of completing a one-year preparatory course). 

   [ Studies in English]  A document confirming English language knowledge level B2. 

9. A declaration of an exemption from fees for education (if applicable).

10. A declaration of the validity of the provided data.

 Candidates submit the documents in person to the Inter-faculty Recruitment Committee within the deadline determined in the recruitment schedule.


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