Strona: Accommodation / Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej


The Rzeszów University of Technology campus includes 7 students’ dormitories: Akapit, Alchemik, Aviata, Ikar, Nestor, Pingwin and Promień, providing accommodation for ca. 2.5 thousand of students.

All dormitories are well-furnished and well-equipped. The rooms have internal and external telephone communication systems and Internet access. In the dormitories, there are gyms, laundries, shops. The dormitories are surrounded by green areas suitable for rest and recreation.

The safety of the residing students is guaranteed through monitoring the facilities and providing professional security service. Students are responsible for keeping the rooms clean.

Single rooms are scarce thus they are reserved only to students with disabilities. The application submission date is decisive in assigning to a certain dormitory. The rule of first-come, first-served is applied to start with the Alchemik dormitory.

Monthly rent varies from 100 to 120 Euro, depending on the type of room. 

The University does not assist students in finding private lodging.

Map of campus


Alchemik, ul. Poznańska 2b, 35-084 Rzeszów

Akapit, ul. Akademicka 4, 35-084 Rzeszów

Ikar, ul. Akademicka 6, 35-084 Rzeszów

Nestor, ul. Akademicka 3, 35-084 Rzeszów

Promień, ul. Akademicka 1, 35-084 Rzeszów

Pingwin, ul. Akademicka 5, 35-084 Rzeszów

Aviata, Jasionka 915 A 36-001 Trzebownisko

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