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Clean Energy - MSc


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Clean Energy 

|MSc| 1,5 years| Full-time | English

Education in this branch of study provides the knowledge necessary to solve problems concerning the utilization and transformation of various types of energy.

Student understands the processes of energy conversion in biosphere and has a knowledge of acquiring various forms of energy from environment and their conversion to the effective types of energy.

As far as Clean Energy field of study is concerned, particular attention was paid on following issues: acquire and conversion of renewable energy sources, highly effective and environmentally friendly energy technologies, energy conservation and rationalization of its use, as well as methods of short- and long-term energy storage.

Also particular emphasis was put on hydrogen as an universal energy carrier and storage. In addition, the abilities of calculation which allow the description of conversion and transport of mechanical and thermal energy, are developed, as well as the knowledge and skills related to organization and implementation of transport processes, which include renewable energy sources.