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Education Programme - Mobility in Higher Education

About Education Programme

red. Katarzyna Kadaj-Kuca


Academics and students of the Rzeszów University of Technology will be able to go to lectures and study at universities in Norway and Iceland as part of the project Mobility in Higher Education financed by the Funds of the European Economic Area.

The Rzeszów University of Technology received nearly 31360 euros (2020-2022), and 20090 euros (2022-2023) for this purpose.

The Mobility in Higher Education Project will be implemented under Component II of the Education Programme (EEA FM 2014-2021). The project benefits from funding from Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.

Its purpose is to strengthen cooperation in the field of student and staff mobility between Rzeszów University of Technology and partner institutions.

Component II of the Education Programme concerns the mobility of students and university staff. The visits are carried out on the basis of the Erasmus + program.

Component II of the Education Programme at the Rzeszów University of Technology will be implemented in cooperation with our partners from Norway and Iceland. There are two universities in Norway: Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim (NTNU) and University of Stavanger (UiS), as well as the University of Akureyri (UNAK) in Iceland.

Component II of the Education Program assumes:

  • student mobility - mobility for one semester,
  • university staff (academics) mobility - lectures - 1-week mobility

Project EOG/21/K2/W/0001 (program duration 1.04.2022-30.09.2023)

Project EOG/19/K2/W/0002 (program duration 1.07.2020-30.09.2022)

The Education Programme is a new educational initiative implemented from the funds of the EEA Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021. 

The program is a continuation of the Scholarship and Training Fund (FSS), implemented with the support of two previous editions of the Norwegian and EEA funds. Between 2008-2016 at The Rzeszów University of Technology, 24 students left for studies and apprenticeship, 24 employees gave lectures or undergo training within the framework of the project. There were 9 incoming employees from Norway and Iceland. 

The main goal of the Education Programme is to reduce economic and social differences within the European Economic Area as well as to strengthen bilateral relations between Poland and the Donor States, i.e. Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. Program activities are designed to support the development of staff working in the field of education and, through the implementation of program activities, strengthen the quality and access to knowledge in Poland.

The Program Operator is the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE). More information about the Education Program: