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Modern Management - MSc

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Full-time studies BSc and MSc- registration from 1 June 2024

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Modern Management 

|MSc| 2 years| Full-time | English
A graduate of the second degree program in modern management will have a thorough, in-depth, and interdisciplinary knowledge in the disciplines of management and quality sciences, economics and finance and related disciplines, necessary to perform various professional roles in an increasingly complex and turbulent environment.

They will have managerial skills that entitle them to lead at different levels of management, at various levels of organizations, not only market-oriented ones, but also public, non-profit organizations, to lead human teams, to carry out various types of projects responding to the challenges of the environment.

Graduates of modern management will have necessary skills to put the acquired knowledge into practice, empowering them to run their own businesses, to cooperate in interdisciplinary, culturally diverse teams, and to solve complex problems arising from the turbulent environment.

The completion of the second degree program in modern management will be an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge, to improve and develop their own skills, but also to acquire a network of global contacts that can become an inspiration to discover new, previously unidentified opportunities affecting future careers. Contact with representatives of different cultures will affect greater openness, flexibility of graduates of this course, broaden their horizons, and enable them to move smoothly in the global market.

Graduates of the second degree program in modern management will receive a professional Master degree. They can find employment as: business advisors, client advisors, consultants, team leaders, specialists; HR, project, or management managers; in HR, marketing, public relations departments; in trade, manufacturing, service, transportation, consulting companies, and in financial institutions; in public administration, in social organizations,  as well as owners of their own enterprises.