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Documents and information

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General documentation for the universities:

Bilateral Inter-Institutional Agreement

Erasmus+ Programme Guide

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility


Documents for participants (2 ORYGINAL COPIES REQIRED):


Learning Agreement (to be filled in on a computer)

Guidelines to Learning Agreement

Transcript of Records in English from the whole period of studies


List of the courses available (in English):


Departamental Coordinators:

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics - Andrzej Dzierwa, PhD, Eng.

The Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering - Sławomir Samolej, PhD, Eng.

The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture - Joanna Krasoń, MSc, Eng.

The Faculty of Management - Paweł Perz, PhD: 

The Faculty of Chemistry - Joanna Wojturska, PhD, Eng.


Erasmus+ Student Charter

Mobility agreement (Template)



Staff mobility for teaching - Mobility agreement


Staff mobility for training - Mobility agreement

Mobility agreement  for teachers and staff