Strona: A trip to Przemyśl the ‘think-it-over’ city / Department for International Cooperation

A trip to Przemyśl the ‘think-it-over’ city

, red. Monika Stanisz

Our Erasmus students were invited by our office to one day trip to Przemyśl and nearby forts Salis Soglio in Siedliska last week. The trip began with a walk throughout fortifications on the outer ring of the Fortress of Przemyśl, an unusual example of an artillery fort blown up in 1915. To continue the sightseeing we started a nice walk from Zniesienie hill with the stop at Przemyśl Castle and the Roman-Catholic Archcathedral. This beautiful city full of monuments and churches where history looks out from almost every corner was brought closer to our students by our irreplaceable tour guide.

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