Strona: Andijan Machine-Building Institute, Uzbekistan / Department for International Cooperation

Andijan Machine-Building Institute, Uzbekistan

, red. Monika Stanisz

Andijan Machine-Building Institute is a higher education institution erected in 2011 but its international cooperation and visibility in educational environment is praiseworthy. Joanna Ruszel and Monika Stanisz responsible for managing the Erasmus+ programme at our polytechnic got the chance to find it out during their visit at the institute between 29th April and 3rd May. The schedule of the visit was prepared by Muzaffar Kurbonov from the International Office who took a really good care about every single detail of the visit’s plan part of which was the meeting with Ermatov Qobiljon, PhD, Vice-Rector for Students’ Affairs and Zafar Juraev, PhD the head of International Office. Future plan for extending the cooperation over other possibilities on the European Commision’ offer as well as signing a bilateral agreement were discussed. The following point was an open lecture given by Ms Monika Stanisz to the students and staff of the Innovative Educational Technology Faculty. The main issue elaborated on was the mobility under Erasmus+ which triggered loads of questions from the audience. It was also a good chance to present our university’ s history, achievements and scope of the research interest.

Andijan Machine-Building Institute counts 4 thousand students of which 1 thousand studies in English.

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