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Can we be prouder?

, red. Monika Stanisz

One of a kind reunion !!!

The National Platform is the largest conference of the Erasmus Student Network at the national level. During the NP, plenary sessions take place, in which the current affairs of the ESN Poland Association and local sections are discussed. Additionally, during the congress, workshops and training sessions, as well as small sessions for participants, are organized by experienced members of the organization, Institutional, and Commercial Partners as well as professional trainers. Delegates from all 38 sections in the country participated in the reunion, operating at the best universities, the Board and the Audit Commission of the Association as well as the Chairman of the Committees, National Project Coordinators, Supporting Members and invited guests.

17th to 20th May 2018 are days, in which  ESN PW hosted delegates of all sections at the Warsaw University of Technology.

The most important parts of the National Platform are undoubtedly the elections of the new Board of the Association and the solemn Gala, summarizing the 20th anniversary of the organization's activities in Poland, which took place in the elegant Hall of the Faculty of Physics at the Warsaw University of Technology. On the most important reunion of this year, our representatives were there: Jakub Rycko and Bartosz Cisek from ESN Rzeszow University of Technology, who presented the activity report. We know from our colleagues' accounts that we have been received very positively as a section. Our ideas, completed projects and actions were met with full optimism. The UPGRADE Rzeszow 2018 training reunion organized by us received positive reactions, which turned out to be a full success.

The climax of the National Platform was the awarding of statuettes for the biggest stars of the passing academic year in as many as 13 categories.

 Victory !!!!!

We have the honour to inform you that ESN Rzeszow University of Technology and the organizing committee received the first place in the category The best reunion (UPGRADE Rzeszow 2018) and the third place in the category PR activities in the network. We are extremely grateful for recognizing and honoring our efforts!

We want this motivation to support the implementation of new and interesting projects.                                                                                                                                

                                                                                                Magdalena Kuźniar

Translation: Izabela Kostka


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