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Cooperation with Latin America

, red. Monika Stanisz

In May we hosted employees from Erasmus partner universities located in Latin America.


Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto (UFOP), Brazil

Tradition, modernity and innovation are inseparable features of UFOP's identity as emphasized by the university authorities and employees of the International Office during previous mobilities under the Erasmus Programme. The university started off with the School of Pharmacy founded in 1839 and the Mining School in 1876. Today the university has campuses in three different cities Ouro Preto, Mariana and João Monlevade, has over 150 lecture halls and 140 teaching and research laboratories. So far, the employees of the Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture have been very active in developing cooperation with UFOP’s employees initiated during the mobility under the Erasmus Programme. The time has come to expand the scope of cooperation with a new faculty, which is the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Dr. Saul Emanuel Delabrida Silva not only conducted classes for bachelor students but was also a speaker at the 13th International Lean Learning Academy Conference and presented methods of developing augmented reality technologies for industry, as well as how Wearable Devices can support workers. The added value of mobility are talks and ongoing arrangements for the preparation of an application for a research and teaching grant in consultation with Dominik Strzałka, PhD, Eng.


Universidad Antonio Narino (UAN), Colombia

In 1976 UAN opened its first campus in Bogotá. Since then, the university has grown and now has campuses in 29 cities across Colombia and offers a wide range of academic programmes. Over the last few decades UAN has become a leading research institute in Colombia and currently achieves its best research results in the fields of physical sciences, mathematics education, engineering and health sciences. Fabian Mauricio León Vargas, PhD made guest lectures also at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The subject of the lectures was Dynamic modelling and PID control and the target group was first-cycle engineering students.

Anahuac University, Mexico

The university belongs to the Anáhuac University Network. The network consists of universities located in Mexico, Chile, Spain, Italy and the United States. In addition, the Anahuac Virtual University, which is also part of it, serves students around the world. University employee Antonio Francisco Menendez Leonel de Cervante, PhD gave the lectures on Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Evolutionary Algorithms, Neural Networks and Transformer Models.


We do hope, that as was in the case of other mobilities under Erasmus with non-European institutions, that the network of contacts set during the visits will be transferred into future scientific and research activities.

Employees also had a chance to visit the Castle Museum in Łańcut thanks to the courtesy of Krzysztof Żaba, the director of the castle. A real treat was to have a look into the castle library, which is not open to the general public.

The schedules of the teaching visits were prepared by the Faculty Coordinator prof. Sławomir Samolej to whom we are grateful.

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