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Erasmus exchange with the University of São Paulo, Brazil

, red. Arkadiusz Bednarz

Educational mobility

From 11th  to 15th March 2024 I had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in a mobility to Brazil under the Erasmus+ programme for academic teachers. The aim of the visit was, among others, to establish scientific cooperation with the University of São Paulo, Departamento de Engenharia Mecânica. The key point was to carry out a series of lectures given to students and employees of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

University of São Paulo (USP)

Upon arrival to São Paulo I was warmly welcomed by the Erasmus programme coordinator. On the first day I had the opportunity to visit the picturesque university campus, which impresses with its modernity and spaciousness, set at the same time in symbiosis with local plants and animals. Wandering around the laboratories I could see advanced technologies and learn more about the research conducted at the university. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of São Paulo deals with many branches of science in the disciplines of mechanics, materials science and electronics - from research on robots and advanced mechanisms through unmanned cameras to materials research and maritime transport.

One of the highlights of my stay was giving a lecture to students of mechanical engineering. By presenting my research and experiences in the field of mechanical engineering I had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and establish contacts with USP scientists. As part of my lecture series I briefly discussed the structure of the Rzeszów University of Technology and other key points of its activity. The next lecture concerned the basics of the structure, design and operating conditions of aircraft and aircraft engines. This topic provided an introduction to the next one regarding fatigue testing of blades in terms of resonance and mechanical damage. What followed was my other scientific activities and those related to cooperation with industry, the issues of fatigue testing of cableway gondolas and sharing my experiences in the field of vibration testing of satellite components. The last lecture concerned the remaining activities of the department, i.e. unmanned aerial vehicles, the AOS-H2 motor glider and research in the field of hydrogen drives.

The result of my trip is also the establishment of cooperation in the field of 3D printing and modelling of the material as orthotropic taking into account the failure criteria typical for composite materials and their adaptation to additive technologies.

The city and the country

Visiting the city of São Paulo itself was also an unforgettable experience. Fascinated by the cultural diversity and rich historical heritage I wandered the streets of the city, admiring its architecture and atmosphere.

During my entire stay, I was able to enjoy beautiful weather and delicious Brazilian food. The flavours of Brazilian cuisine turned out to be extremely exotic and aromatic, which made each meal a real feast for the palate. It should also be emphasized that Brazil turned out to be an extremely safe and friendly country for me as a tourist. The trip completely changed my view of this country. To sum up the visit to USP turned out to be an unforgettable experience that not only expanded my scientific knowledge, but also allowed to get to know and understand the culture and beauty of this fascinating country. Undoubtedly, all this would not have been possible without the support provided by the Erasmus+ programme. I hope that my experiences and awareness of the contacts I have established will encourage my colleagues to go for teaching mobility and expand their scientific perspective.

Arkadiusz Bednarz 

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