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Erasmus student from Georgia

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Gulzhan Botanova, a student from Kazakhstan, while studying at the International Black Sea University, found herself at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture of the Rzeszów University of Technology, Poland through an exchange programme Erasmus. Gulzhan has been in Poland for more than three months and will return to IBSU shortly, as the exchange is four months long.
Which exchange program did you go with and what stages did you go through before leaving?
I went abroad to study with the Erasmus+ exchange program. I've been dreaming since the second year and I fulfilled this dream in the fourth year and went to study in Poland for one semester. The Erasmus+ program financed all the expenses that I had and have during my studies here
What were your first emotions in a new country and university?
My first emotions were great. The first time I was in Europe to study, I felt that the atmosphere was different. I met new people, those who participated in the exchange program like me.
The city where I am from is small and charming. As for the university, it is quite a big university, it has many campuses from A to W and more than 10 numbers. My lectures are mainly held in the P architectural block.
Did you experience culture shock?
Yes, I had culture shock from the first day I came here. It was quite difficult for me at first. In addition, I chose to live in an apartment rather than a dormitory, as most Erasmus students do. My roommates are Kazakh girls, I met them before arriving in Rzeszów. I arrived at the end of September and the other girls arrived five days later. The first day of arrival at the apartment was Saturday evening. Even shops and food markets were closed. On Sunday, I barely found a small market.I think if you plan to stay here for a long time, it would be better to learn Polish.
How does the "Black Sea International University" differ from the university you are currently attending?
Rzeszów University of Technology is different from Black Sea International University. It is large and quite popular and in demand among world universities. The lecturers here are also in demand. I like the midterm and final exams of "Black Sea International University" more and the students are more friendly.
Are there different university activities and clubs that you participate in in Poland?
At first, several events were held for the students who came through the exchange program, and I attended all of them. There are competitions and clubs for architects, although these are more for local students. A travel tour is planned for students participating in the Erasmus+ exchange program in different cities in Poland, and cultural events are held every week.
Tell us about your future plans...
Currently, my main goal is to finish my bachelor's degree with a good GPA, and then I want to continue studying for a master's degree in Europe. I want to become a successful architect.
What would you advise students who want to participate in an exchange program?
 I would advise them to work hard to achieve their goal. As I explained above, exchange students are busy with study trips, university events, and now exams. Many times I have seen Erasmus students in the library because they are very hardworking.
Author of the material: Eta Sulukhia, Student of IBSU's Bachelor of Journalism program
The material was prepared within the framework of the "University Media Platform Practicum II" subject.
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