Strona: ERASMUS+KA107- the return visit to Ukrainian project partners / Department for International Cooperation

ERASMUS+KA107- the return visit to Ukrainian project partners

, red. Ewa Kaczan- Winiarska

Ewa Kaczan-Winiarska, Head of the Department of International Cooperation at the University of Technology of Rzeszow, with Monika Mistur-Góral, employee at the department, within the STT mobility of the Erasmus Program KA107, visited from 20th to 26th May 2018 the partner university in Ukraine: National Transport University as well as National Aviation University in Kiev. The visit was the occasion to know better the project’s partners. At National Transport University, they were welcomed on the first day by the rector in person, professor Mykola Dmutrychenko, who pointed out the need to develop and strengthen the partnership between the universities. The vice-rector in charge of education, professor Oleksandr Gryshchuk was also part of the meeting. The DIC employee’s hosts were professor Olena Bakulich (Dean of the Faculty of Management and coordinator of Erasmus + Program), pro-dean dr Vitalik S. Kharuta and professor Vasyl Petrovych Mateichyk (Dean of the Faculty of the automobile and mechanical engineering). During the meetings the profile of both universities was presented, the possibilities of further cooperation were discussed, including those related to the participation in the Erasmus + program.

During their visit at NTU, employees of the University of Technology of Rzeszow familiarized themselves with the university’s scientific research facility as well as the laboratories. Partners from NTU presented their research offer and introduced examples of partnership with companies. The introduction concerning the performance of the Transfer Centre and Technology and the Centre of computerization (publication NTU 1, publication NTU 2) was also interesting.

At the National Aviation University, the head of the Department of Ecology, the professor Sergii V. Boichenko, and his colleagues: Dr. Anna Yakovlieva and Dr. Tamara V. Dudar welcomed Ewa Kaczan-Winiarska and Monika Mistur-Góral.  Employees of the University of Technology of Rzeszow also met the pro-dean in charge of International Cooperation, the professor Oleksandr Zaporozhet. Professor Oksana Vovk, who gave lectures at the University of Technology of Rzeszow in the past was also part of this meeting (partner's website) as well as representatives of the student government of NAU. Willingness and readiness to develop a further partnership in the Erasmus + Program were confirmed, and on a broader scale: a research and student partnership.  At NAU, employees of the University of Technology of Rzeszow had the opportunity to visit the museum of Ukrainian aviation history and the Museum of Aviation NAU, both in the infrastructure of the University, nearby the airport of Kiev.

“This is my first trip to the neighbors from across the eastern border. All the more I am happy that I could get to know the partner country and universities as part of the project implemented by our University. It's a building experience to see how partner universities use the possibilities and potential of cooperation within the Erasmus + Program.” - M.Mistur-Góral.

Translation: Izabela Kostka.

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