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EUROAVIA Rzeszów: Civil Aviation Workshop

, red. Katarzyna Krawczyk, EUROAVIA

At the end of October AS Rzeszow organized Civil Aviation Workshop. This event was a brilliant opportunity to welcome 15 guests from another EUROAVIA’s associations. We hosted EUROVIAns for 5 days and provided them interesting workshops, visit to Bezmiechowa Academic Glider Center and tour of Rzeszow city.

At Sunday 23th all guests arrived and checked in at our university campus. In the evening we met all together to eat pizza and discuss plans for the whole event. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t allow us to make welcoming barbeque on campus grill.


Schedule on Monday was very busy.  In the morning we started up with grand opening, conducted by university authorities. Right after we had first workshop ‘Safran climate strategy’ presented by Safran Transmission Systems Poland- Danuta Majka and Marek Mahej. We learned how company is making their products more ecofriendly and what are projects for nearest future. Topic of next presentation was ‘Future perspectives for climate-neutral  aviation’  introduced by Professor Andrzej Majka. We wondered which type of propulsion is the best one in terms of ecological aspect and how developed it is nowdays. Between the workshops there were also small coffee breaks to discuss all concepts and ideas with speakers. Afterwards we made a lunch break to let our brains rest a little bit. The third workshop at that day was “Modern methods and tolls to improve safety in parachuting” where we could learn how physical value sensors work and how to implement them into simulation. Spokesperson was Piotr Grzybowski PhD.

At the end of the first day, Grzegorz Drupka PhD (supervisor of AS Rzeszow) together with Magdalena Kobrzyńska ( president of AS Rzeszów) prepared workshop “ Emergency and abnormal aircraft handling competition”. We tested our flying abilities in rough condition to find who is the best pilot. The completion won Dennis Chelemen from AS Bucharest. We closed the day with dinner.


Photo by  Magdalena Kobrzyńska

Tuesday’s workshop we started with EME Aero and their presentation “GTF engine- game changer in aviation” and “EME Aero as a high tech center for this engine” presented by Aleksandra Szafraniec, Grzegorz Skiba and Agnieszka Grabowska. During the meeting we talked about innovative method of designing and production of GTF engine. Second lecture was presented by ex EUROAVIA members  Aleksandra Kwiecień and Grzegorz Mazurkiewicz from GE Aerospace, called “GE Aerospace: Advancing flights for future generations” and “Preliminary design scalling engine”. Task was scaling engine in proper way. Afterwards we made a break for lunch.


Photo by  Katarzyna Krawczyk

Next part of the plan was a trip to underground museum in city center. We all had found out why there is artificial frog in city well. The last part of that day was a short visit in hangar that is located on university campus where we have variety planes and engines. We ended day with dinner on campus.

On Wednesday we woke up early due to 2 hours long trip to Academic Gliding Center in Bezmiechowa. When we arrived, welcomed us breathtaking view. At the beginning we started with workshop “Glider Academic Center in Bezmiechowa” presented by Daniel Lichoń PhD. First part of lecture was in laboratory room where we discuss glider center’s history and specification of gravitational take off. Next we went to hangar where our spokesperson explain to us how mechanism of glider works and showed polish designs. Day schedule included glider flight, unfortunately  weather was not appropriated.  In free time we took many photo for example inside glider.

We close our Wednesday’s trip with lunch which consist of polish dish dumplings and compote to drink.


Photo by  Magdalena Kobrzyńska

Soon after lunch we returned to Rzeszów and prepared ourselves for final dinner and Spirit Night.


Photo by  1Magdalena Kobrzyńska

Thanks to restaurant Lord Jack we were able to close our event in beautiful places with exquisite food. We summary the event and enjoy the last moments together. Later we met at campus and took part in Spirit Night.

On Thursday we ate the last breakfast together and said goodbye to each other.

We would like to thanks all participant who have visited. It was wonderful time and we hoped you enjoy stay in capital city of Podkarpacie region. We’re looking forward to see to on another International Event.

We want to thank our University who helped us to organize event and supported our team. We would like also to thank to Grzegorz Drupka PhD who is supporting AS Rzeszow during all activities. Special thanks to:


Politechnika Rzeszowska



Proffesor Andrzej Majka PhD

Grzegorz Drupka PhD

Piotr Grzybowski PhD

Daniel Lichoń PhD




Mrs. Danuta Majka

Mr. Marek Mahej


EME Aero

Mrs. Aleksnadra Szafraniec

Mrs. Agnieszka Grabowska

Mr. Grzegorz Skiba


GE Aerospace

Mrs. Aleksandra Kwiecień

Mr. Grzegorz Mazurkiewicz


Lord Jack


Happy Neons




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