Strona: First stage of loosening coronavirus restrictions came into force (April 20) / Department for International Cooperation

First stage of loosening coronavirus restrictions came into force (April 20)


According to the plan prepared by the Polish government loosening coronavirus restrictions will be executed in four phases. First stage, which started on Monday, April 20 will lift the following restrictions:

  • Lifting ban on movement in public spaces, esp. parks and forests (although provision on keeping 2 meters distance from the other people is still in force);
  • In forest it is not mandatory to cover mouth and nose. It is, tough on the adjacent car parkings;
  • Increased access to stores (albeit still limited – limit of the people allowed inside will depend on the size of the store);
  • Senior citizens will continue having exclusive access to stores, chemists and drugstores within 10 an 12 am, however only on weekdays (till now it was also on weekends);
  • Celebration in Holy Masses will depend on the church size. At least 15 square meters space for one persons have to be provided;
  • People above 13 years old will do not need to be accompanied by adults when outdoors.

Despite the loosening the aforementioned restrictions it is still advisable to follow the remaining ones, for breaking which still one can be punished with a fine. It is especially important to:

  • Keep the 2 meters distance from the other people;
  • Obligatory provision to cover mouth and nose in public spaces;
  • Keep remote education and work wherever possible;
  • Keeping strict sanitary rules;
  • Quarantine and isolation of infested or potentially infected persons.

For your safety we ecourage to still stay at home and going outdoors only in the most ugent cases.


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