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Go for Erasmus!

, red. Monika Stanisz
Aliaksei, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Litwa.

 Hello all PRz students! I am Alex– 2 course, Aviation Mechanical Engineering student from Lithuania. I recently came back from Poland after studying at Politechnika Rzeszowska and have some thoughts and advice about this wonderful programme – Erasmus+.

                First of all, is it worth it? Are all these preparations, worries and planning worth of the experience that you can go through when you are away for a study exchange? The answer, at least for me, is worth it. For example, when I arrived, I had more questions than answers related to everything in general, but without me, there are many other Erasmus+ students here who may not have understood anything else at all. Nevertheless, you help each other, communicate, chat and in the meantime gain new acquaintances and friends, which I think is very valuable.

                I would also like to justify that the choice of country is a fairly important aspect in the planning of the study exchange. It is better to pre-plan the places or cities that you would like to see, because you will definitely have time to travel around the country.

                Of course, the most important thing is studying in another institution and its quality. For example, I can suggest you to chose my home university – VilniusTech. There you will find a wide variety of study fields, at any time university professors are ready to help you solve any questions. Also, since the university is technical – it is very nice to learn aeronautics in AGAI faculty due to the very good infrastructure and implementation of advanced studying technologies. Definitely recommend to all aeronautics students.

                In summary, the Erasmus+ exchange programme is undoubtedly worth your participation. It's a new experience, memories, friends and many other fascinating things that I think every student has to go through. Just remember that you are a student, not a tourist.

Aliaksei, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Litwa

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