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HR Starter

, red. Monika Stanisz
Online educational program for students beneficial to youth development in rush talent market.

The program is named „HR Starter“. It is a free HR course for recent university graduates and students in their final years of bachelor's and master's studies, highly motivated to start their career in Human Resources. The program aims to raise students’ level of knowledge and skills for a future HR career in contemporary work conditions. The project is based on an innovative approach to HR as a strategic function in an organization.

It is organized once a year, admitting more than 100 students from various universities from Europe, to a rich course consisting of 30+ HR lessons from real HR professionals from numerous companies. In addition to that, the project includes:

  • HR professionals as mentors
  • Group work on HR case studies
  • Insights into how HR functions in numerous companies
  • Bonus materials for students (bonus lessons and articles)
  • Bonus online events to meet HR professionals and get an even deeper understanding of HR in practice
  • International experience by meeting students from other countries.

The project has proven to be useful to more than 500 students from Europe so far, as it is being organized since 2018.

I believe your university should be a partner of the program and with this enable your students to be participants and acquire real knowledge from the market in the area of HR.

Upon the completion of the program, students are awarded Certificates of Completion.

Anyone interested to attend the program is kindly invited to contact Ms Aleksandra Fuštić directly at or +38267248252.


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