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International science conference: The artificial intelligence in the field of the security – advantages and threats


Invitation for participation in the international scientific conference of the Higher School of Security and Economics (HSSE) “ The artificial intelligence in the field of the security – advantages, and threats”. That will be held on the 30th of September, 2022 in the HSSE, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The University of Security and Economics in Plovdiv is a partner university at the Rzeszów University of Technology.

 Thematic directions

First Panel

Systems with artificial intelligence in the security

  1. The role of artificial intelligence in collecting and processing scouting information
  2. Artificial intelligence in counteracting security risks
  3. The fight with fake news and artificial intelligence
  4. Military applications of the systems with artificial

Second Panel

Artificial intelligence as a factor for economic growth and sustainable development

  1. Optimizing of the deliveries via artificial intelligence
  2. Possibilities for increasing manufacturing by using artificial intelligence
  3. Artificial intelligence and circle economic
  4. Artificial intelligence in advertising and e-commerce
  5. Artificial intelligence in finance: automation and banking

Third Panel

Artificial intelligence and the administration

  1. Automation in the workplace places – challenges and opportunities
  2. Artificial intelligence in helps of managing of the corporations
  3. The benefit of artificial intelligence in studying and employees’ education
  4. Impact of digital information on administration and management

Fourth Panel

Public management, smart technologies, and management of the human resources

  1. Smart technologies and public politics – from theoretic conception to good practices
  2. Management of the human resources in the context of smart technologies and the artificial intelligence
  3. The public management after COVID-19 – faster, more effective, more efficient, smarter
  4. Competences and skills for the future - the challenges in a society focused on innovation and sustainable development
  5. The future of artificial intelligence – points of view and identification of the related sides

Fifth Panel

Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

  1. Ensuring the ethical behavior of artificial intelligence systems
  2. Building trust in the work with artificial intelligence
  3. EU legislative proposals in the field of artificial intelligence – the European Commission's proposal for an artificial intelligence legislation

Sixth Panel

Artificial intelligence and the social sciences

  1. Artificial intelligence and the modern politic – is it possible for a hybrid management
  2. The sociological research, artificial intelligence, and the social manipulations
  3. The journalism, media, and artificial intelligence


Deadlines for submission:

until May 30, 2022 – the Application for participation

The Application for participation in the conference must be sent by 30.V.2022 to the e-mail of the HSSE.

until August 30, 2022 – the report of the conference


The participation tax:

50 Euro per person and should be paid via bank transfer on:
Eurobank Bulgaria AD; IBAN: BG 97 BPBI 7924 1066 753909; BIC: BPBIBGSF
The deadline for the fee  is May 30, 2022.

 The application for participation, program, and requirements for the formatting of the report will be published online on:

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