Strona: Rzeszów on the podium of the ranking of Polish cities for young people / Department for International Cooperation

Rzeszów on the podium of the ranking of Polish cities for young people

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Rzeszów came second in the Europolis ranking, which measures the attractiveness of Polish cities for their young residents. Warsaw took first place. Katowice closes the ranking podium.

The capital of Podkarpacie proved to be the winner in the "Education" category. It achieved success, among others, thanks to active scholarship policy directed at high school students in combination with the high accessibility of secondary schools. Rzeszów has been building its brand for a long time on the development of aviation and the IT sector, and the University of Technology located in Rzeszów achieves very good results. The city can also boast of a wide range of vocational education.

 - The city's high position in the ranking encourages candidates from Poland and abroad to choose the fields of study at our university. It is also good news for students and employees of foreign partner universities cooperating with the Institute of Technology in projects and planning studies as part of an international academic exchange - says Edyta Ptaszek, Head of Department of the International Cooperation of the Rzeszów University of Technology.

Rzeszów is also an unquestioned leader in "Mobility". Although it has a smaller number of international and domestic connections than some cities from other voivodships, it has enough to reach high marks. The city is also a leader in terms of developing bicycle paths and is a leader in bus lanes. It also has relatively cheap public transport.

Other advantages of Rzeszów are the Youth City Council, which has been in existence for over 25 years and a wide cultural offer. The capital of Podkarpacie is clearly inferior to Warsaw in economic terms. Nevertheless, it is an example of a city that successfully overcomes interregional development inequalities.

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