Strona: The Baltic University Programme - Meeting Invitation: 16 March 2021 / Department for International Cooperation

The Baltic University Programme - Meeting Invitation: 16 March 2021


By this letter, we would like to invite you to the BUP National meeting for Poland. You might be aware that there are 89 participating member universities in the Programme,  and in Poland, there are 26 of them!

During the meeting, you will be able to know more about the Baltic University Programme and its structure, about our work and future plans. You will be able to meet  BUP colleagues from the Coordinating Secretariat at Uppsala University, Sweden, the BUP Center Director for Poland and your colleagues at other BUP participating universities.  We believe that such a meeting will help us to establish contacts in order to communicate and cooperate in a better way.

 The preliminary programme is the following:

  1. Presentation of BUP Secretariat, BUP National Centre Director and staff, BUP contact persons at participating universities.
  2. Presentation of BUP, organization and how we work
  3. New BUP Strategy 2021-2025
  4. Communicating BUP activities to participating universities
  5. The floor is open for questions and suggestions on how to work on communication to stimulate interests, cooperation and engagement among colleagues at participating universities

We would like to draw your attention to point 3. Currently, we at the Coordinating Secretariat are working on a new BUP strategy 2021-2025. Please see attached draft. Please look through for your knowledge and if you have comments or questions you are welcome to come back to us before the meeting.

We also attach the Report on the previous strategy 2017-2020 and the Action plan for the year 2021 for you to know more.

Please book the time for the meeting on the 16 of March 2021, 14.00-15.30 and register on the following link:

After you have registered a zoom link will be sent to you a day before the meeting.


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