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The success of our ESN - We're proud

, red. Monika Stanisz

As of 20th to 22nd April at the Rzeszow University of Technology the ESN Upgrade training of the ESN Poland Association took place. The candidate section from the Rzeszow University of Technology for the first time in the history of ESN Poland had the opportunity to host 100 members of the association from the 40 largest academic centres in Poland. Prof. Grzegorz Ostasz, DSc, PhD opened the conference. ESN UPGRADE is a cyclic, organized twice a year, training meeting of members of the Erasmus Student Network organization, to which 42 sections are operating at the largest academic centres in Poland. The Rzeszow University of Technology became the organizer of the next meeting and gained the privilege to promote the university, the city of Rzeszow among those participating in the meeting, and indirectly among the 1000 remaining ESN members in Poland. The participants were divided into four thematic paths: Public Relations and IT, Finance and Partnerships, Section Empowerment, and the initial path. In this way, participants, during three days of training, under the guidance of experienced members of ESN Poland, raised their competences in the field of project and human resources management, broadly understood soft skills, partner acquisition, website development, or Public Relations. Apart from educational value, the Congress also has the task of exchanging experiences of ESN members from all over the country, who work on a daily basis for the international integration and integration of students from other countries who come to Poland as part of an Erasmus + exchange.

           During the congress, participants had the opportunity to visit the our university’s campus, the city of Rzeszow and participate in integration events.

The convention was under the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Rzeszow and the Rector of the Rzeszow University of Technology.

                                                                                                                                    Jakub Rycko

Translation: Izabela Kostka

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