24 Apr

Lecturers from Brazil, Georgia and Ukraine visited RUT

24-04-2018 r.
The Erasmus Plus Project KA107 in action
11 Apr

When to start learning about Erasmus??

11-04-2018 r.
The answer is simple: the sooner – the better.
11 Apr

NAWA: Bekker Program for foreign scientific trips

11-04-2018 r.
The recruitment for the Bekker Program foreign scientific trips lasts until May 31st, 2018.
28 Mar

Erasmus in a high school

28-03-2018 r.
Project of our s.k. Erasmus Student Network
26 Mar

Why is it worth to study under Erasmus at our university?

26-03-2018 r.
An interview with Natia na Shalva the exchange students form Georgia in the winter semester 2017
23 Mar

International Student Seminar on Management and Financial Issues

23-03-2018 r.
Organizer: the Faculty of Management, deadline to apply: 6th April, language: English
23 Mar

Erasmus Fair at the Faculty of Management

23-03-2018 r.
Join the Erasmus society! The deadline to apply for the exchange our home students is 30th March.
19 Mar

Information meeting and Erasmus Day at RUT

19-03-2018 r.
It was colourful, tasty and jolly!
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