Strona: Visegrad/Visegrad+Strategic Grants - Open Call ! / Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej

Visegrad/Visegrad+Strategic Grants - Open Call !



There are three regular calls for applications open 30 days before the deadlines of submission on 1 February, 1 June, 1 October. It is not possible to apply for funding outside of this period. Consulting your project proposal is possible only by appointment and no later than 14 days before the submission period. You can expect the results to be announced 60 days after the deadline.


No matter where your organization is from, you can apply for grants if your project develops active cooperation with organizations from at least 3 Visegrad countries. Only a single project application per applicant can be submitted at a time, but you can re-apply once all your previous projects financed by the Fund have been concluded.

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The areas supported by the Visegrad Fund:

Culture & Common Identity

We support projects that strengthen regional and European identity through common cultural initiatives in Visegrad region.

Education & Capacity Building

We support projects that raise the Central and Eastern Europe region´s competitiveness through improved skills of citizens.

Innovation, R&D, Entrepreneurship

We support projects that improve the environment for innovation and joint R&D projects and advancement of regional cohesion in economic development.

Democratic Values & Media

We support projects that advance democratic values, support human rights and minorities, contribute to development of civil society, strengthen media freedom and access to information.

Public Policy & Institutional Partnership

We support projects that contribute to good governance and improve the effectiveness of public policymaking in the regional context.

Regional Development, Environment, Tourism

We support projects that advance strategies for environmentally sustainable regional development and tourism.

Social Development

We support projects that strengthen an inclusive society and solidarity in the region.


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