Strona: Fact Sheet / Dział Współpracy Międzynarodowej

Fact Sheet

Terminy i informacje dla studentów wyjeżdżających do HUST w semestrze letnim 2019/2020

Contact Information

Mailing & Visiting Address:

1037LuoYu Road, Hongshan District,

Wuhan, Hubei

430074, P.R. China


Website for Exchange students online application:

Student Contacts:

Ms. Yu Zheng,  Exchange Program Coordinator, Tel:+86 27 87542457

Other Contacts:

Mr. Lan Hanghang, Director of International Admission and Cooperation Office,, Tel:+86 27 87542457

Where to find us:

International admission and cooperation office is located in Building 1, first floor, School of International Education


Academic Calendar for 2020 Spring Semester

Spring 2020:

Registration: still pending;

Orientation: still pending;

Students may go to their departments or schools during the registration period and get the detailed timetable for class.

2020 Spring semester officially closes on July 15, 2020


During the Registration Week the ISO organizes the following services:

a.      Pickup service from Tianhe Airport to HUST

b.      Pick-up service from Wuhan High Speed Railway Station

c.       Housing placement, courses planning, etc.

d.      Local SIM Card for cellphone (favorable plan for new international students)

e.      Support in all official purposes (registration procedures, health insurance, Campus Smartcard, etc.)

f.        Campus & city tour, Chinese culture activities and lectures

 Nomination and Application

Nomination Deadline and procedure:

Partner universities shall send an email to before December 31, 2019.  The following information shall be stated:

ü  Family name

ü  First name

ü  Passport number

ü  Nationality

ü  Email Address

ü  Semester(s) applied for

Application Deadline and procedure:

The online application deadline is December 31, 2019. The applicants shall complete their application online, no hard copies needed. Please prepare the following documents and upload online:

ü  Copy of passport

ü  Passport size photo

ü  Nomination letter from home university

ü  Official transcript of records of home university

ü  Physical exam report (for students who intend to stay in China beyond 180 days)

ü  Insurance

Website for application:



Exchange Students will be reserved a student dorm in campus. HUST offers double or single room for all international students. The service company for HUST international student dorms is an independent company and the International Student Office of HUST only takes care of the application process of exchange students and reserve the students dorm, students shall make their choice for the accommodations after their arrival and pay for the deposit on site.


Exchange students are allowed to rent an apartment off campus. For the students who are willing to live off campus, HUST offers 2 weeks temporary housing to support the students to find an apartment off campus. The students shall provide one copy of the rent contract to ISO for the daily management.


Rent: Single Room: 1,200 RMB/month  Double Room: 700 RMB/month/person

Facilities: Washing room, water heater, air conditioner, furniture;

Water, electricity are charged by the Room Service Center separately

Insurance and Allowance


Health Insurance

We strongly recommend all our exchange students purchase a statutory/international health insurance before their arrival to HUST. The insurance shall cover the whole duration of your stay in China.  

For the students who are unable to purchase an international health insurance at their home countries, HUST will recommend insurance for them to purchase during the registration period. The

Insurance Premium is around RMB400 per semester. 


HUST would like to seek funding to cover the living expenses for our excellent exchange students recommended by our partnership universities.


City and weather:

Wuhan is the capital city of Hubei Province, and has been recognized as the economic, financial, cultural, education and transportation center of central China. It covers an area of 8,494 square kilometer and nurtures a population of 12.22 million.

Wuhan is a subtropical monsoon humid climate area with abundant rainfall and sunshine. There are four distinct seasons in Wuhan, maximum temperature could up to 38℃ in July while the lowest temperature is -3℃ in January.

Campus facilities:

30+ Canteens    2 affiliated hospitals with 20,000+ beds  3 stadiums

3 libraries with 33 reading rooms offering about 6500 seats in total

Banks, stores, open market, cafeteria and etc.


Flexible multimodal transportation system combining expressway, high-speed railways, buses, trams, subway and also water transportation on the Yangtze River allowing easy-access through out local areas and China.


The payment of exchange students shall be subject to the terms of the agreement between the two universities.

Exchange students will enjoy application wavier from HUST.

Other courses:

HUST Winter School will open from June 24 to July 19, Chinese language study, cultures activities and city tours will be organized, Exchange students who are interested, please refer to

Academic Programs and Classes


Class registration:

Still pending

Academic Programs:

Language Requirement:

²  English Capability is equivalent to 80 points of TOEFL

²  Students who want to take regular classes in Chinese need to have HSK4 or sufficient proof of equivalent Chinese proficiency.

Work Load:

There is no minimum number of credits for exchange students. Please choose the courses as required by your home university.


There are two ways to get your transcript:

1.      You may print your transcript with your smart card at the self-support machine in our service center if the transcript is ready to print out.(sometimes, it may take a couple of weeks for the academic record come out)

2.      Our coordinator will get the transcript for you and mail to you or your home university




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